Xpress Platinum

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Xpress Platinum

The Xpress Platinum is a brand new kitchen appliance that can grill, bake, fry, broil and steam.

Some of you would already be familiar with its previous version GT Xpress 101 which was released over 8 years ago. Over 5 million of these were sold.

Whats New

The grill can now open all the way down; whichs creates 2 seperate compartments allowing you to cook two things at once.

It has a triple nonstick surface that wont flake or peel which allows food to slide right off, allowing you to use less oil for healthier meals. Also it allows for easier cleanup.

It has a floating Hinge which is great for thick cuts of meat.

There are new attachments like Set & Go Digital Timer, non-stick deep pan and pan for steaming food.

Plus now there is 25% more cooking area.

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Where to Buy

You buy Xpress Platinum from their official store here.

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