Westinghouse Turbo Dry Steam Iron

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Westinghouse Turbo Dry Steam Iron

The Westinghouse Turbo Dry Steam Iron is unlike any iron in the market as it can be used both as a traditional iron or a dry cleaner.

The iron will work on all types of fabrics including silk. How is this possible?

The design is unique in that the unit contains 2 different heating system, one for the sole plate and the other for the steam. This basically means that the sole plate can be set to a different temperature and at same time you still have the power of steam.

As a dry cleaner, the iron can produce a powerful and constant flow of steam at a push of a button. Allowing you to freshen up your clothes, upholstery, curtains and many more. In the long run this will help save you on dry cleaning bills.

It is like having a two in one iron. I have the Tobi steam unit at home already which as many of you would know is great in removing wrinkles really fast, but it is quite large and cumbersome unit. With the Westinghouse Turbo Dry Steam Iron, it can replace probably my old iron and my steam unit.

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