Beach Body P90X2

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Beach Body P90X2


When the original P90X burst onto the fitness scene a couple of years ago it was the first of its kind. It focused on a brand new technique known as muscle confusion or the concept of changing up your routine to prevent your muscles from getting used to repetitive exercise, that was the missing component for those individuals that appear to hit a plateau in their exercise regime.

Since it was released to the general public several copycat programs were developed and marketed by other well known people in the fitness industry. The key to the workouts is high intensity and following all of the exercise routines in the videos that make up of the program.

As with any product on the market, improvements are constantly being researched and developed. This is no different for the P90X system and after two years of development, we now have Beach Body P90X2.

Beach Body P90X2

The new P90X2 system is based on groundbreaking techniques known as P.A.P or Post Activation Potentiation. The new system consists of 12 all new workouts that are each specifically designed to build balance, athleticism and agility. By targeting your core/abs and increased agility you will be able to power right true any plateau that has been holding you back.

Along with the 12 workout videos you will receive as part of the system, an all new three-part nutrition plan that features an option for those who are vegan and also a grain-free choice. You will also receive a special guide to using supplements and helpful tips on how to get the most out of each of the 12 video workouts.

As many people have discovered that a little support and encouragement from others that are using the system can go along way in helping them get the most out of Beach Body P90X2. So they have included a way for you to connect and network with other people to get that support you need.

Key Features

  • Groundbreaking new workouts on 12 videos
  • Created by fitness experts
  • Special 3-Step Nutrition Plan
  • Online Support Group


  1. Great mix of exercises
  2. Nice addition of the focus on core
  3. Tips on modifying workouts without equipment
  4. Less time working out as compared to P90X


  1. A bit expensive
  2. Limited leg workout
  3. Book lacks useful diagrams

What are people saying about it?

We found many consumer reviews posted online for the Beach Body P90X2 and it appears that the overwhelming majority really love this product. It received mostly four and five stars out of a possible five stars. Along with the high ratings it received plenty of praise and just a little bit of negative comments.

According many of reviewers they could definitely tell where the improvements were made from the original P90X and some went as far saying that if you are not in great shape to begin with you should start with the P90X first before you graduate to this very challenging system.

The approach of the 12 different exercise videos that make up the P90X2 are much different from the first one and you need to be ready to work your tail off. So if you are not really all in to improving your body, you would be better off trying P90X.

According to one reviewer there are some moves that you really need to be careful of while attempting to perform, because if you donít it could cause an injury.


At the end of our research of the Beach Body P90X2 fitness program we have found that it definitely is not just a warmed over and rebadged version of the original program. The exercise videos are very much different and much more intense and if you are ready to handle it, by all means check it out for yourself.

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