Temp-tations Kitchenware

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Temp-tations Kitchenware

Temp-tations is a series of kitchenware created by Tara McConnell which claims it is an all purpose, all temperature and all in one kitchenware that is oven safe, microwavable, refridgerable, dishwasher safe and can be used as a serving dish.

Temp-tations are made of high fired stoneware which allows it to cook in high temperatures of upto 500 degrees and it is naturally non-stick.

Temp-tations kitchenware were designed so that you can prepare, cook, serve and store your food in one dish potentially replacing glass bakeware, metal tins, plastic storage container or plastic bags.

They are designed with Carved Old World Pattern to make them look very presentable as a serving dish.

Click here for the complete range of Temp-tations Kitchenware.

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