Shaun T. CIZE Dance Workout

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Shaun T. CIZE Dance Workout

CIZE is a 4 week dance workout program created by professional choreographer and trainer Shaun T.

For us mere mortals the idea of staying motivated with our regular weight training and cardio workouts is just as hard as actually doing the workout itself.

With CIZE it might be the solution. Dancing is good alternative and lets be honest it is actually really fun. Combine the two! Not only you get a great workout but it something to look forward to each and everyday.

In saying that fun does not mean hardwork! Throughout the workout you are constantly moving and doing new moves which give you cardio training, strengthen your core and toning your muscles.

Each step and move is completely broken down by Shaun T. making even the least co-ordinate person can move like Ricky Martin!

Included in this workout are 6 DVD classes and one Workout. Plus a calendar, eating guide and starter guide.

But the best is the Weekend Survival Guide. If you one of the person in spent the whole week working your butt off but on Friday, Saturday and Sunday you over indulge and all the pain of the work seem to vanish in the sunset, then this guide is for you.

You will learn all the do's and don'ts and also have fun without sabotaging all your efforts.

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