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Sick of broken and jammed trimmer lines? Tired of stopping to change broken trimmer lines?

That's why we created the super-strong, extremely reliable PivoTrim™! Tough enough to cut right through plywood - The PivoTrim™ is one of the best home investments you'll ever make! On other trimmer heads, strings exit the head at a fixed point- bending and weakening them until they break, but the PivoTrim™ patented pivot design allows the line to absorb the shock, reducing line wear and broken lines. Best of all, the PivoTrim™ is guaranteed to fit ALL gas powered Trimmers!

  • Fits 99% of all gas trimmers.
  • Easy to Install
  • Special design prevents line breaks
  • Uses .095-inch trimmer line strips - Maxpower #4101PT
  • Replacement line is easy to load

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