Nutribullet RX Nature's Prescription

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Nutribullet RX Nature's Prescription

Nutribullet RX Review

Nutribullet Rx Nature's Prescription is Nutribullet's latest smoothie maker which nows includes the ability to make soup.

The design has changed very little from the original Nutribullet. It still very ergonomical designed, has a good heavy stable base and has a good range of pitches including one specifically design for soups.

The Nutribullet RX is perhaps now one of the most powerful counter-top smoothie maker with its 1700 watt motor. With its nearest competitor the Nutri Ninja Pro which only has a max 900 watt motor.

The blender now uses Smart-Technology which has pre-programmed/hands free settings which will automatically blend all the ingredients together. It claims to be close to the consistency of water.

If you are looking for something more manual where you have more control the speed and timing then an alternative option might be the Nutri Ninja.

The key difference to its previous model is, it now features a 7-minute heating element which allows you to make various hot soups and sauces with one touch. This is great from a one pot cooking perspective. Now you can have both hot or cold meals.

Just like most counter-top smoothie makers the ease of cleaning up is one of the best features. Simply rinse the blades and pitchers and you pretty much done and ready to be used for next time.

What you Get

Included is the 1700 Power Base, Extractor Blade, Soup Pitcher with 2 Lids, 1 Short cup, 1 Oversized Cup, stay fresh re-sealable lid, pitcher lid, blade remover, user guide and Nature's Prescription Recipe book.

Nutribullet Smoothie Recipes

Since our last review a good number of new recipes books have been published. Here are some of our favorites

Overall this is probably one of the most powerful and best in class counter-top 2 in 1 smoothie makers and soup maker in the market.

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