Ninja 3 in 1 Cooking System

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Ninja 3 in 1 Cooking System


Ninja 3 in 1 Cooking System is an all in one crockpot that claims it can slow cook, bake, roast and sautee food in it.

The pot measures in at approximately 18" and weighs only 6 pounds which very light compare to many crockpots in the market. It has functional dials including Stovetop, Slow Cooking and Oven which also acts as a browning, sauteeing, baking, roasting and steamer.

It is also easy to clean with its non-stick surface.

Like any crockpot, you can make all your fantastic slow cook nutritionist and yummy stews with this pot.

You can make wonderful roast dinners including meats like chicken, beef, pork and lamb.

At the same time you can also steam seafoods, vegetables and puddings.

Lastly, you can also bake things with this appliance.

Overall the pot is great for people who lack space in their kitchen and want to make fast and quick meals. As well with its light weight and non stick surface design it is also very easy to use and clean up afterwards.

However it is not as versatile as traditional appliances that it claims it can do their job just as good.

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