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Murad Acne Complex Kit

Murad Acne Complex is a skin care formula used to help prevent acne. In Murad Acne Complex Kit which comes with products that cleanses, tone, treat, repair, hydrate and protect your skin. Murad claims this product will help prevent breakouts.

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  1. Not Good for Sensitive Skin!

    Date Reviewed:5/22/2012Reviewed By:Lexie

    I did not buy this from the television; I actually bought it at Ulta in the skincare section. I have hypersensitive skin, meaning acne products with benzoyl peroxide make my skin red and puffy and worsen my acne. Most of the time salacylic products don't do that to me but my skin looked just like it did when I used ProActiv. Maybe if you have normal skin this could work for you but for me, I had to stop using it immediately.

  2. Worse not better

    Date Reviewed:7/6/2010Reviewed By:EraShonda

    I used Murad for about 3 months. i did everything that the directions told me to. After using it for about a momth i started noticing little bumps...The bumps continued & got worse throughout my treatment. Do not buy this product...

  3. This product is well worth the money!

    Date Reviewed:6/30/2010Reviewed By:Sheila

    I purchased this system for my 16 year old daughter that has had a problem with acne since the 3rd grade and has tried all of the over the counter remedies, to no avail. This product originally made her acne worse, as stated in the information that we recieved as likely to occur, but as she continued to use it, made her acne almost disappear! I adjusted her automatic shipments to come every 4 months instead of every other month, because she does not use it as quick as they say she would. So, the product works, the company claims are legitimate, and we are completely happy with the results.

  4. Worked!

    Date Reviewed:4/16/2010Reviewed By:Ashley

    Worked for me though I have really sensitive skin so i integrated cetaphil cleanser into the routine- worked for me. Later bought Murad exfoliating acne gel- cleared up my back and shoulder acne completly

  5. My skin is still trying to recover

    Date Reviewed:10/4/2009Reviewed By:Adrienne

    After seeing the infomercial I decided to buy this product. They say that your skin will get worse before it gets better and to continue using for 2 weeks. Well, mine did get worse and kept getting worse. I felt like I was going through puberty all over and I am 29. Horrible!

  6. Does not work

    Date Reviewed:7/18/2009Reviewed By:Susie

    This product is nothing special and like another reviewer my face actually got worse--a lot!

  7. It does not work

    Date Reviewed:3/26/2009Reviewed By:Natasha

    This product does not work, I used it as directed for about 2 weeks and not results, in fact my skin got worse!

  8. It worked!

    Date Reviewed:8/6/2008Reviewed By:Terri

    i've tried so many acne products, and THIS was the one that worked for me! the cleanser gives you a clean, refreshed feeling without drying your skin, and the lotion is light and unsticky. And I have to mention the spot treament....IT WORKS WONDERS. you dab a little on your zit, and it's gone the next day :D Do yourself and favor and try this product!

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