Lucinda Basset Attacking Anxiety and Depression

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Lucinda Basset Attacking Anxiety and Depression

Lucinda Basset Attacking Anxiety and Depression is a 15 week home study guide which claims it can help you overcome anxiety and depression.

For people who don't know Lucinda Basset, she is a self help author and motivation speaker. She founded the Midwest Centre for Stress and Anxiety.

The 15 week attacking anxiety course consists of 16 audio CDs, reading material and a binder. Here is what you will get in the 15 week program.

  1. Anxiety & Depression: Symptoms, Causes and Common Fears
  2. Six Steps That Will Put an End to Panic Attacks
  3. Self Talk: The Key to Healthy Self Esteem
  4. Expectations: How to Expect Less and Get More
  5. Eat and Exercise to Rid Yourself of Anxiety and Depression
  6. Stop Being Angry and Control Your Mood Swings
  7. Assertive Behavior: Speak Confidently, Gain Respect
  8. Put an End to "What If" Thinking
  9. Get off the Guilt and Worry Treadmill
  10. How to Stop Obsessive, Scary Thoughts
  11. High Anxiety: The Truth About Medication and Alcohol
  12. The Courage to Change
  13. Time Management: 12 Steps Toward a Balanced Life
  14. How to Keep Stress From Becoming Anxiety
  15. Getting Beyond a Growth Spurt
  16. Relaxation Session

The program is very expensive, even the author mention this on her website, however if you buy it from Amazon you can find the complete audio series at the fraction of the price.

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