Lucinda Basset Attacking Anxiety and Depression

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Lucinda Basset Attacking Anxiety and Depression

Lucinda Basset Attacking Anxiety and Depression is a 15 week home study guide which claims it can help you overcome anxiety and depression.

For people who don't know Lucinda Basset, she is a self help author and motivation speaker. She founded the Midwest Centre for Stress and Anxiety.

The 15 week attacking anxiety course consists of 16 audio CDs, reading material and a binder. Here is what you will get in the 15 week program.

  1. Anxiety & Depression: Symptoms, Causes and Common Fears
  2. Six Steps That Will Put an End to Panic Attacks
  3. Self Talk: The Key to Healthy Self Esteem
  4. Expectations: How to Expect Less and Get More
  5. Eat and Exercise to Rid Yourself of Anxiety and Depression
  6. Stop Being Angry and Control Your Mood Swings
  7. Assertive Behavior: Speak Confidently, Gain Respect
  8. Put an End to "What If" Thinking
  9. Get off the Guilt and Worry Treadmill
  10. How to Stop Obsessive, Scary Thoughts
  11. High Anxiety: The Truth About Medication and Alcohol
  12. The Courage to Change
  13. Time Management: 12 Steps Toward a Balanced Life
  14. How to Keep Stress From Becoming Anxiety
  15. Getting Beyond a Growth Spurt
  16. Relaxation Session

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