JCore Body

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JCore Body


JCore is a 40 day home fitness and meal system designed by Jay Cardiello to give your body the best shape in its life.

Jay is a celebrity trainer and have helped many stars to create hot bodies including 50 cents.

The program consists of 6 dvds which contains 20 minutes different workouts, which is very different to most workouts which takes at least 60 minutes each day which includes like P90X and Insanity.

Plus the program requires no weights or equipment.

The secret to his workouts are the Rapid Muscle Response training + “30 Second Results Blasts” + “Fast Flow” that are used in the program. Which causes your brain and body respond more rapidly.

His exercises consist of placing each of your body muscles and joints in various angles of positions which forces your body to react by burning fat and building muscles.

The 30 Second blasts is also core in his workouts which means you do one exercise for 30 seconds and then move on to next one.

Included in the package are the workouts, 40 day calendar, 30 day free live streaming with Jay Cardiello and simple meal plans.

You can also buy his nutritional supplements which claims to help give you optimal results.

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Click here to buy JCore at Amazon. You can also buy the various JCore nutritional supplements at Amazon.

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