In an Instant by Heidi Klum

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In an Instant by Heidi Klum

In an Instant is a wrinkle / skincare product range endorsed by Heidi Klum.

It claims that its "Wrinkle smoother" product will magically erase lines including forehead lines, crows feet, laugh lines in merely seconds.

Also included is its Youth Restoring kit which claims it can help reduce appearance of wrinkles, large pores and skin imperfections. However it looks nothing more than a just cleanse, toner and moisturizer combo which should be part of everyone's daily skin regiment.

The In an Instant product range includes

  1. Gentle Foaming Cleanser
  2. Intensive Firming Serum
  3. Instant Daily Tinted Moisturizer with SPF15
  4. Instant Wrinkle Smoother

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