Dashcam Pro

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Dashcam Pro

Having a dashcam is perhaps one investment every car owner should make as it may turn out to be invaluable in certain situations especially from keeping accident claims or moving violations off your record.

You can also use a dashcam to record your roadtrips and even capture some absolutely extradordinary events like the meteor explosion in Russia.

If you never owned a dashcam, it simply a camera that is mounted to the dashboard of your car which records your journey, like a GoPro for your car.

The cost of of owning a dashcam can range from $40 to $150, but essentially most of them does a similar job.

The DashCam Pro "As Seen on Tv" records both audio and video at Full HD with 120 degrees wide angle video.

It has an instant view screen and includes motion detection and an image stabilizer for those bumpy roads.

Very easy to install, simply place on your windscreen and snap the suction cap in.

Dashcam Pro will start on ignition of your car.

It can record upto 14 hours continuously and most importantly records the time and date incase you do need to produce it for evidence.

On a side note it requires a SD/MMC card to save the video which we find quite strange for it not to come with one? But you can buy a 32MB from Amazon quite inexpensive these days.

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