Card Lock RFID Blocker Sleeve

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Card Lock RFID Blocker Sleeve

Card Lock is a RFID blocking sleeve which prevents thieves from steal your credit card information with specialise scanners.

These scanners are small and are easily hidden away in smalls bags, briefcases, backpacks and by standing just a few feet away they can literally walk away with your credit card details.

However the likely hood of this happening is rare and as well you are usually protected by your credit company for zero liability for any fraud transactions.

Perhaps the biggest pain is when a fraudulent transaction occurs it can take months to resolve and the hassle of having to cancel all your cards and getting them reissued. And become even more of hassle especially if you are traveling, it is like losing your Wallet!

How does it work

The sleeve literally acts as a barrier and prevents RFID scanners from accessing your information. Sort of like jacket for your credit cards.


With the rise of identity theft, prevention is probably the best cure so having one of these will give you peace of mind.


The biggest con we see is the pain to having to take out the cards out of the sleeves everytime you have to make a transaction. Which makes having RFID blocking Wallets is a much better solution as you can have the protection without the hassles.

Alternatives to Card Lock

There are plenty of RFID blocking sleeves available in the market and some even come with a Passport size RFID blocker which we see is even more important than protecting your credit cards. They all are priced relatively the same and pretty.

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