Brainetics by Mike Byster

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Brainetics by Mike Byster

Brainetics is a math and memory system created by Mike Byster who was an American commodity trader and now works as an educator at grade schools and high schools teaching his methods.

The program claims it can help your children to improve their mental capacity and memory recall through a series of exercises, tricks, patterns, shortcuts and methods which is both fun and enjoyable.

The way Brainetics works is it is designed to train your brain to work like a computer. Where it will receive information, process it and store it while ignoring all useless information.

Children will learn skills in focus, concentration, problem solving, thinking outside the box, organizational, increased mental capacity and memory.

Braintetics program consists of 5 instructional dvds which includes

  1. Concentrating and Detecting Patterns
  2. Overcome Math Anxiety
  3. Learn Complex Math Shortcuts
  4. Develop Mental Multi-Tasking
  5. Mental Organization and Math Building

The program also includes a Parents Manual, a Playbook, Flashcards and Playing Cards.

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