Body Beast

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Body Beast


A workout guided by world class body builder Sagi Kalev, Body Beast is the ultimate muscle building program. Sagi Kalev is the former two-time "Mr. Israel" and has a degree in physical education. He has featured in Muscle & Fitness, Hardcore Muscle, Iron Man Men's Workout, and Health and Fitness Magazines.

The program claims it can helped you you gain upto 20 pounds of pure lean muscles through its 90 day program.

The workout consists 12 ass kicking workouts that will work you like nothing before. Expect to do Single Sets, Super Sets, Giant Sets, Progressive Sets, Drop Sets, Tempo Sets and more.

Included in the basic program is The Book of Beast, nutritional plan, supplement instructions and Body Beast training schedules.

To get the maximum out of the workout, the follow gear are recommended E-Z Curl Bar, Workout Bench with adjustable back (alternative: premium stability ball) and Chin-Up Bar (alternative: resistance bands).

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