Baby Bullet Complete Baby Care System

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Baby Bullet Complete Baby Care System

The Baby Bullet Complete Baby Care System is a system that allows parents to create nutritional organic healthy meals for your babies.

It claims it is a much cheaper alternative to buying organic baby food in the super market.

The Baby Bullet essentially is the Magic Bullet which comes with a complete set accessories that allows you to organise and manage a complete weeks of food for your baby.

The Baby Bullet can blend any fruit and vegetable to a smooth paste or you can pulse it to create more chunky food for older babies.

The accessories included are one large batch bowl, 2 short cuts, 2 blades one for milling and the other for blending, batch trays and storage cups. Importantly the bowls and cups are made from BPA free plastic.

The storage cuts are actually quite ingenious as they contain a rotating date which you can set the date in which it was made, which ensures that you not using overdue food, especially for busy households.

It comes with cookbook and you also find tonnes of organic food recipes online.

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