Ab Coaster Max

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Ab Coaster Max

The Ab Coaster Max is the latest edition of the original Ab Coaster machine which we reviewed a few years ago.

The ab machine is pretty much the same ab machine as the original, with the addition of meal planners, workout guide and fitness routine dvd included in the package to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

The way the Ab Coaster Max works is similar to hanging leg raises that the key difference is that you don't have to hang from a bar. You sit in an kneeling position and slide the seat in an up/down motion.

It claims to target all 3 sections of your abs without putting stress on your back, neck and shoulder areas.

What we like most is the additional guides in the rebranded package of the Ab Coaster Max, as it offers users a way to combine the machine with a fitness program and a suggested meal plan.

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