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Dermacia Foundation is a revolutionary new makeup that is truly good for the skin. What separates Dermacia from all other mineral makeup is its "breathable" foundation. Dermacia lets oxygen and moisture to penetrate the skin throughout the day. Dermacia Foundation secret formula is its silica based gel called Lycogel Complex which gives its breathable feature. Also the product has a SP15 rating and Vitamins like A, C and E which helps to tone the skin. In its range it also includes a variety toners and cleansers giving you the complete daily face care.

Dermacia is recommended by doctors especially patients with acne, eczema or problem skin. Doctors talk about how the Dermacia it soothing, healing and anti-aging effects.

Also Dermacia have great support from a lot of celebrities. Celebrities like Rachel Hunter, says the product feels light, nice and has great coverage all day. Rachel Hunter has become the official spokeperson for Dermacia Breathable Foundation.

Bottom Line: Dermacia iis unlike any other makeup you have used ever. It is unique and fantastic and good for your skin. Highly recommended.

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